Man Utd legend Blackmore: Ronaldo is the best

He said: “Cristiano is the best player in the world at the moment.

“When I watch wide players these days I always think ‘Would I want to play against him?’ – in Ronaldo’s case the answer is categorically ‘No’.

“As someone who played with and against Ryan Giggs, I know exactly how good he is. But Ronaldo is something different.

“He does things in a game situation most people only practise in training.

“He back-heels the ball, plays one-twos with himself, does these reverse passes.

“Then there are the step-overs. People think he is just doing them for effect. But as a defender, it is a total nightmare. I have never seen anyone with such quick feet. It is like a blur and you know at some point he is going to take the ball with him.

“The only way I can see to stop him is by getting touch-tight every time the ball gets near him.

“But even then he has the pace to get round the back.”