Man Utd star happy with assurances

Rooney stated earlier this week that he wanted to leave United due to the club’s lack of impact in the transfer market.

But the England star ended up signing a new long-term contract with the club earlier on friday.

“I had some concerns and I made that aware to David Gill and the manager and it went on from there,” Rooney told MUTV.

“It didn’t really move forward in terms of contract talks, obviously over the last couple of days that’s all been made public knowledge, which made it a bit more difficult, and we felt myself and the club we had to move quickly to sort it out.

“I have spoken to the manager, David Gill, the Glazers and all of them have confirmed to me that this is the right club for me to be at and the club is going to continue being successful and winning things.

“I had other things which I wanted to air as well and I was happy to move forward and sign the deal at the club.”

Rooney also commented on his relationship with manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I am sure it has been difficult for him as well,” added Rooney.

“He has to look after the club and was trying to convince me to sign a new deal at the club.

“He is a great manager. I have said many times one of the big reasons I joined this club was to work under him, with his experience, passion and will to win.

“I wanted to be successful working with him.

“I have managed to do that. I am hoping in the next few years we can do that again.”