Man Utd’s Evra: Nobody can stop Ronaldo

He said: “Nobody can stop him. Probably the only way to do it is to kill him.

“I have never seen anyone like him before in my life. When he runs at you, you try to grab his shirt or do whatever you can. But he just goes past you, makes fun out of you and leaves you kicking the air.

“I see him every day in training. I watch what he can do and I think ‘Cristiano, no. It is a joke’.”

Evra said of Ronaldo’s tricks: “He does them all the time.

“Even when he is sitting on a bike Cristiano is doing tricks. He eats with the ball, he watches TV with the ball. He probably even sleeps with the ball.

“I am not surprised at what he does. You should see how hard he works in training.

“He is very professional, always the first one in and the last one out. We all have a lot of confidence in him.

“Sometimes, you just give him the ball because you know the defenders are scared of him.

“I am very happy to have him on my team because, for me, he is the best player in the world.”