Monterrey deny Man Utd interest in striker

Reports on Wednesday suggested the Red Devils were ready to make a move for Suazo.

“There hasn’t been any approach from Manchester United, neither with us or the agent of the player as he hasn’t said anything to us,” Monterrey president Jorge Urdiales said.

“This happened some weeks ago and I am personally upset because it makes the player get distracted.

“I would take this as simple speculation from someone. The agent of Humberto hasn’t said anything to us and the player is calm and happy here in Mexico.

“If something real appears we will pay attention to it but for the moment it’s only a rumour, information that looks like it has been taken from a website or a newspaper.

“It doesn’t deserve to get too much importance from us because it isn’t something normal and we can’t handle rumours or speculation. We only handle serious and official information.

“This isn’t the best moment for talking about things like this as we don’t want the player to get distracted.

“Personally, I think that if a serious team like Manchester United is interested in any of our players they wouldn’t be throwing out rumours, they would make an official approach, just like they did when they were interested in Javier Hernandez.”