Mourinho: I was ready to leave Chelsea

Mourinho told The Sun: “We reached a ridiculous situation that there were 14 coaches linked to my job last season.

“It was a crazy time and if it hadn’t happened in a period when I was in a mature state of mind, I may have ended things at Chelsea.

“Right now, I’m the club’s coach, Peter Kenyon is the chief executive and there is a board that Roman Abramovich does not sit on.

“His position in the club is different and we have to get used to it.

“We are in a situation that has me considering Chelsea’s playing staff and Peter directing from a structural and financial point of view — while also including me.

“Roman Abramovich, as the club owner, has to be informed by Peter about the things that are being done and then says if he agrees or not.

“Peter Kenyon then contacts the agent and tries to reach a deal.

“Finally, he meets with the club owner to keep him informed and if Roman says yes, the deal is done.

“Communication still exists — it is just a different way of working.”