O’Neill plans Laursen talks

The 31-year-old has been out of action since January with a knee injury and is not expected to return before the end of the season.

“Martin is still struggling,” said the Villa boss. “There are lots of things (speculation) flying around. I have given Martin some time to go back home and see the family.

“I will see him on Monday and will sit down and see where we go. I want to see what he is feeling.

“He might need some corrective work done to the knee. We will see, but don’t let me go all doom and gloom at this minute.

“I will find out, see what he is feeling, see what he is thinking about, run it all through with the doctor obviously at the same time.

“He has got a lot to think about at the moment. He is obviously disappointed.”

O’Neill added: “Don’t ask me to make any long-term predictions or anything like that.

“I am not capable of doing that at this minute. When he comes back, we will see what Martin is thinking. It may necessitate work in similar vogue to what he did before, but that takes time.

“But let me just say ‘I’ll see how he is, see what he is feeling’ – and then by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll give you a better idea.”