Parker: Beckham won’t return to the Premiership

Parker said: “When you look at those who might be interested in him, he is probably going to have to go and join the circus in the States.

“Inter Milan have been linked with David but they are flying high in Italy and I don’t know why they’d want him.

“And in the Premiership, I don’t see the big four being interested.

“He doesn’t have the pace to play for Arsenal, Chelsea’s system doesn’t suit him and nobody knows how Liverpool want to play at the moment.

“As for United, they have moved on since he left four years ago. The way they are playing this season is all about pace throughout the team.”

He added: “I think, in the long-term, David will have regrets about going to Madrid and how it has all ended up.

“He would have wanted to come back to a club that would have given him the chance to win something.

“But I don’t think that will happen for him now because he has not been playing regularly this season and he hasn’t done himself justice.”