Pearce to try again for Wright-Phillips

This will be the third time Pearce try to bring Wright-Phillips back to City.

Pearce told the Manchester Evening News: “We are probably in the scenario now where I need to speak to the chairman and iron out what is going to happen in January.

“I need to know exactly what finance is available. As soon as I know that it will dictate the market place I will be in.

“January is not always an ideal time and I will always have to stick to the criteria that unless a player is going to improve us then there is no point bringing a body in.

“I think over the past windows I have got a little bit itchy and to be fair the more experience I have had in the job and in the market the better I have got equipped.

“In the first summer I got very itchy thinking that I hadn’t brought anybody in but looking back and, now forward to the next window in January, I don’t think it is worth bringing people in for the sake of it. You have to know in your heart that the player will improve the squad.”