Prandelli hails Jovetic

Jovetic scored both of the Viola’s goals in the game.

“Jovetic has done more than a step up in quality,” said Prandelli.

“Last season he clearly had the quality, but it was most often used only for his own moves. From this term he is playing at the service of the team with the right movements.

“I have to compliment him, because he arrived for pre-season training with a great deal of belief. He is scoring regularly, is more relaxed and happy.

“Last year he tried a bit too hard to score and with that attitude it often doesn’t happen for you. The goal comes when you are relaxed.”

“In the first half we were very, very organised and kept the right shape throughout. Football is fairly simple, the important thing is to be able to interpret it,” continued Prandelli.

“I hope the defence can improve even more, hopefully playing it to feet. Liverpool got more confident after the break and pushed further up the field, but we did well in the second half too.”