Premier League officials desperate to finish the campaign

Jordan Henderson of Liverpool
Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

It seems that Premier League officials are determined to find a way of finishing the 2019/20 campaign.

They have pencilled in the date of June 1st for the completion of the remaining league fixtures.

This is no doubt a decision came to after consultation with the government and various experts. It seems like an optimistic assessment.

Return pushed back all the time

Before the severity of the coronavirus hit worldwide, there were estimates that the Premier League, and of course other major European leagues would resume in early April.

However, the pandemic has escalated in the UK, mainly down to many completely ignoring the advice of staying in their homes and to self-isolate. Some British citizens are treating this crisis as some sort of holiday.

Football, like any past time, must come second to the health and well-being of human beings. The fact that people are going about their normal business is ridiculous. These people will only make the virus grow and spread throughout the country, which will mean getting control of the virus will be more difficult.

It is simple if the virus is still causing death and people are still picking it up at a major rate, then football is unlikely to return. Even if the played return is set to be behind closed doors, with no fans.

Lockdown would likely quicken the process

England, unlike other big European countries like Italy and Spain, have yet to invoke total lockdown of the country. However, bars, restaurants and many retail outlets have closed their doors until further notice.

Lockdown could help the situation, which would, in turn, would lead to a quicker return to normal life and football resuming. It remains to be seen if the Premier League will return in June. Due to the unprecedented nature of the virus, nobody can predict what happens in the next few days, let alone months.

Will the Premier League return in June?