Ramos has six games to save his Tottenham job

Spurs have struggled so far this season and have just two points.

If Ramos fails to lift his side clear of trouble by November 15 he could be axed.

A senior Spurs source told News of the World: “It’s make or break time now for Ramos. If things haven’t improved dramatically by mid- November then it’s ‘adios’ for sure.

“The club just can’t afford to let this crisis go on much longer, certainly not into Christmas. There’s simply no way the powers-that-be are going to put the club’s Premier League status in jeopardy. Being in the top flight is far too lucrative, especially in these harsh financial times.

“But they want to be fair. He’s got a bunch of new players who need to gel, so he’s got half a dozen games to sort it out.”

Tottenham will travel to Stoke next week and will be desperate to win the match.