Rebrov: Shevchenko suffering at Chelsea because of Mourinho

He said: “Jose Mourinho often tells the Press that he has faith in Andriy and that he is counting on him. But, in fact, the reality is a bit different.

“I speak to Sheva a lot and I know why it’s so hard for him at Chelsea.

“Every manager wants to choose players that fit his own vision of how the game should be played.

“Recent games have shown Andriy hasn’t always been able to get a place in the first team. And, believe me, that is having a very bad effect on him.”

He also said: “For any player who moves to England, it is hard to adapt at first to the local style and understanding of how football should be played. Andriy, sadly, is no exception. I had a similar situation at Spurs, so I can understand what he is going through better than anyone.

“At Tottenham, I was in the starting line-up at first. Then the manager was replaced and I was consigned to the bench. After that, all I could do was find myself a new team. I don’t rule out Andriy might have to do the same.”