Redknapp rules out leaving Spurs

Reports have suggested that Redknapp will become the first Premier League boss to leave his job this season.

He said: “I’m definitely not leaving. It’s absolute nonsense. Absolute rubbish.

“I couldn’t be happier than I am here. There’s not a chance of that happening. I love it here and I have no intention of leaving. It couldn’t have gone better for me.”

Redknapp added on rumours linking him with a return to Pompey: “I left Portsmouth more than a year ago. Hopefully, Portsmouth will get sorted out. I don’t know where people dream these stories up from.

“I just hope the guy who is in hospital recovers and puts his money in and Portsmouth will be fine. It’s been a difficult year for them.

“They’ve sold £80million worth of players and it’s sad to see them in that situation.

“I just hope the guy sticks to his word and gives Peter Storrie (Portsmouth chief executive) the help he needs to sort the club out.”