Reina claims Torres is better than Drogba

Drogba has had a very strong start to the season but Reina believes Torres will show he is one of the best striker in the world when Liverpool face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Reina said: “For me, Fernando Torres is the best striker. I am very confident in my team mate. This could be a very special game because I know that Torres sees these games as very special.

“Drogba has made an excellent start to the season but we can’t fear him. We know we will have to be better in defence than at Fiorentina otherwise he will score. But we can do that.”

Reina added: “This is a test for us but if we want to show we can win the title – and I believe we can – then we have to win in big stadiums like Stamford Bridge.

“I think a victory will show that we can win the title and move up the table. For me, I have no doubt that Liverpool can be better than Chelsea this season. But we have to show that on the pitch and I have faith we can do that.

“At Stamford Bridge, it’s a battle each year because of the rivalry and the great atmosphere. We know we’ll have to play well from the start to get a result.

“It was a bad defeat for us in Florence but we have to return from that bad moment with a big victory in London. That is our objective for Sunday.

“Chelsea lost at Wigan but that is not that significant to this game. It will be very tight and will decided by the smallest detail.”