Sparta Prague confident ahead of Liverpool clash

The 37-year-old played for Premier League side West Ham for five years.

“Although they are pretty strong, when I was there (England) Liverpool not only were they strong but they appeared in the Champions League and the number of big names was larger than today,” he said.

“Our young players won’t be overawed. Although there is some respect for the opposition – which they have earned – I don’t think there is too much time for much humility or being scared.

“I was looking forward to a confrontation with Torres but it will be okay. I hope to improve my record against Liverpool.

“We are going into it full-bloodedly and there is no space for fear. You don’t play such kind of game every day, so we want to enjoy it.

“We must equal them in organisation of play, resistance and fighting spirit. Other important attributes will be our determination and concentration. Only with these attributes can we succeed.”