Sutton tells the only way Man Utd can win against Man City

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes
Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes. Photo by Shutterstock.

Chris Sutton believes Bruno Fernandes will be key if Manchester United will have a chance at winning the FA Cup final.

United face Manchester City in the FA Cup final on Saturday, a match where City are heavy favorites.

Chris Sutton’s prediction for the match between City and United is a 3-1 win to City and if you are considering making use of this prediction as a betting tips, you can get odds around 9.00 if you are into betting on football.

“Bruno Fernandes is going to be key for United. I have criticised him in the past but if he plays, at least they carry a threat against the Premier League champions,” BBC Sport football expert Chris Sutton said.

“United have got other players who, if they have their moments, can hurt City but we all know how this game is going to pan out – the only way United can win is if they play on the counter-attack.

“They won’t go toe to toe with City, they can’t. Maybe this is Erik ten Hag’s last stand.”

Sutton continued: “Look, United have a chance, a puncher’s chance, if City have an off day and they miss opportunities and if Andre Onana plays well – but the United players will have to raise their game to a level which we probably haven’t seen this season.

“In any given game, the question is do United have the players, the team and the set-up to compete with City? You would have to say that if they played each other 100 times, you would fancy City in probably 95 of them, if not more. That’s how much better they are.”

Sutton added: “If City lose, it would be one of the biggest FA Cup shocks ever, and yet it is the mighty Manchester United who are trying to cause it.

“I know that sounds ridiculous, and you can call me an idiot if you like, I don’t mind… but if you think about what City are like in these situations, it would be a huge shock, wouldn’t it?

“We know their mindset and we have seen how they keep winning when they are on the home straight in the Premier League title race. This is exactly the same.

“What makes it exciting is that it is a one-off game and a derby, because everyone talks about the magic of the FA Cup in scenarios like this but, when you strip everything back, the bottom line is that there can only be one winner.”