Taylor urges Barry not to join Liverpool

Barry has been linked with several clubs, including Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City.

“Gareth Barry is a regular player at Aston Villa which helps him with his England place,” the former England manager told PA Sport.

“You can go to someone like Liverpool, and the other clubs in the top four, and you might get in the Champions League but, if Gareth is not playing regularly, he could lose his England spot.

“Fabio Capello has made it pretty clear you have got to play regularly for your clubs and he has carried that through.

“There is a lot of thinking for Gareth to do. He pretty much knows if he stays at Villa he is not going to be rotated out of the team.

“We are going into World Cup year. It is not as if it is three years away. He needs to be playing regularly for England…

“They say you have to play in the Champions League, which is a big competition, but I think to play in a World Cup is bigger than that.

“Gareth won’t want to put that at risk because with his natural left foot, playing in central midfield, Capello sees his value.”

“I also think one of the things that was a bit upsetting last summer was when the £18 million wanted for Gareth was assumed to be too much for Liverpool that they then went and spent £20million on Robbie Keane,” Taylor concluded.