Torres blasts Man City big buys

Reports on Wednesday suggested that Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas had rejected a world record move to City.

Torres said: “Big players like Iker are looking for more than what City can offer.

“However much they offer, you’re putting money ahead of the sporting aspect. Players like Iker will always be at the best clubs in the world. And in this case City is not one of them today.

“These are the offers this team has to make because otherwise nobody will want to go there. They need to make another huge signing like Robinho.

“When players see other great players go there they become attractive.

“The same thing happened with Chelsea. First they had to make a team of great players but without great names.

“Chelsea wasn’t the great team that it is today. With Jose Mourinho people wanted to work with and learn from him. In that way they became among Europe’s best.”