Torres is better than Berbatov and Robinho – Benitez

Benitez says Torres is a steal compared to Dimitar Berbatov who cost Manchester United £30.75million.

Benitez said: “He was a good signing.

“He was a big price but we knew we were signing a young player who could improve. His value is higher now. He was a good signing in every sense.

“I would not want to swap Fernando with anyone else in the world because he is my player and I’m very pleased with him.

“There are good players in Europe and all the way around the world, but better than Torres — no.”

He added: “I do not want to put a price on him because people will think I want to sell him and that is not the case, so I will not say any price.

“I’m sure all the players have a value but not Torres. He is priceless to us. He is unbuyable.”