UEFA seem to be getting it right over Coronavirus

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp celebrates
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp celebrates following his sides victory in the UEFA Champions League Semi Final second leg match between Liverpool and Barcelona at Anfield. Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images.

The virus has brought football across the world globe to a standstill, with Turkey’s Super Lig one of the few remaining leagues still running, albeit being closed doors.

Decisions made on Tuesday

European football’s governing body UEFA held a meeting with its delegates via video link on Tuesday to decide some big issues. One of the decisions made was that Euro 2020 would take place in summer 2021 instead of this summer.

This decision was made to allow the big European domestic leagues time to complete their campaigns. UEFA have stated that they expect all the big European leagues to have concluded by June 30th. The decisions UEFA made look like logical ones in view of the ever-changing nature of the virus throughout the world.

The European football governing body is often criticised for decisions. However, the latest meeting shows that they can come to logical and sensible conclusions. Whether the date of June 30th for league completions is realistic only time will tell.

The worse virus in the last century

The last time a virus swept the globe with such a degree was back in 1918 when the Spanish Flu is reported to have infected around 500 million people, which at the time was 27% per cent of the world’s population. Therefore, it is a difficult situation for everybody, including the governing bodies of football.

Even with modern medicine and technology, it is hard to know when everyday life will return. However, like everybody else, UEFA are just estimating dates, but at least they are not being unrealistic about the pandemic. Their decisions over the return of football look to be well thought out and they deserve credit for the way they have handled the situation.

Has UEFA made the right decisions to push Euro 2020 back by a year?