Valencia rejected €42m Villa bids from Barca and Real

Llorente has revealed that there were talks with both clubs.

“Florentino Perez offered €42 million and I said that we would like to have Alvaro Negredo and Esteban Granero,” Llorente was quoted as saying by AS.

“He insisted on the €42 million and we asked for €30 million plus Negredo.

“There was no agreement.

“Nor with Barcelona, which also went to €42 million. And then I decided to call the press to say we would not sell because the media pressure was already very strong.

“I’m glad I made that decision, to me it made us famous.

“The other day a Chinese journalist was still congratulating me for not having traded, also several fans in Valladolid

“The truth is that Villa is impressive. He looks forward to the recognition, to feel important and has a huge desire to please.”