Venables blames Man Utd striker Berbatov

Berbatov joined United from Tottenham on transfer deadline day. Venables believes Berbatov desire to join United at the start of the season unsettled the whole squad.

“Berbatov kept telling us he had ‘a dream’. Well, good for you Dimi. You had a dream with a few extra noughts added to your bank balance,” Venables told The Sun.

“But did Spurs have a dream too? You got your way but your poisonous presence at the start of the season – the brooding and the reluctance to play – has cost the club that believed in you.”

“They thought they were going to get Andrei Arshavin,” added Venables.

“This was a massive managerial blunder by Spurs, especially when they had allowed Keane to leave. But letting Berbatov and Keane go without having Arshavin in the bag was a boardroom blunder.”