Villa boss O’Neill: Davis is part of my long-term plans

O’Neill said: “I have watched the games from last season and I think there could be a number of reasons for what has happened. Steve is a young lad and he is basically learning the game.

“Sometimes when you step into a side that is not playing at its best, you’ve got no fear. You’ve gone in there and are playing pretty well and have plenty of confidence about yourself.

“Then you become more established in the side and, ironically, the wee things that didn’t concern you before now concern you and that’s all part of the process and of him coming to grips with it.

“That is my view of it and there is no doubt Steven has not reached the same heights of last season.

“But my own view is he is very young and he can achieve those things all over again.

“I have spoken to him. He is a very quiet lad and just that sparkle he had last season hasn’t returned yet but I’ve no doubt when he gets to grips with it all that it will do so.”

O’Neill added: “Steven played in the side to begin with this season even though he missed a week of pre-season and wasn’t out with us in Germany and Holland pre-season. His past performances got him into the side.

“If we had a bigger squad, I don’t mind rotating a wee bit but that is not the reason Steve is not in the side.

“He is still searching for that form that made him a very good player.”