Villa boss O’Neill: We made no bid for Chelsea’s SWP

Milan Baros who just joined Lyon from Aston Villa, has claimed he had been offered the chance to join the Premiership champions.

O’Neill told Sky Sports News: “What happened was we obviously had shown an interest in Shaun Wright-Phillips and the fact we had made a bid at that particularly stage.

“I’m sure Shaun Wright-Phillips sees his future at Chelsea, that’s fine, I’ve got absolutely no problem with that.

“This was actually just to do with a loan. I think Shaun Wright-Phillips wanted to come on loan until the end of the season, so he could have a look at things.

“We would then send Milan on loan in reverse, but that never materialised.

“It was never a permanent deal, it was always going to be a loan.

“Had Chelsea been interested in taking Milan permanently I would have been listening to hear what they had to say.

“But it was only a loan and it disappeared almost as quickly as it materialised really and there was very little in it.”