Villa slow on Bradley

Villa have been without a manager since Martin O’Neill resigned 2 weeks ago and Bradley has been touted as one of the favorites to take the job.

Bradley told Sky Sports News HD: “There has not been any contact. I think everyone knows that for the moment Kevin MacDonald is the caretaker manager and I think the first step is for a decision to be made with him. He’s a good man.”

Asked if it is a job which interests him, Bradley replied: “Most definitely. I think the possibility of working in the Premiership at some point would be a goal, for sure.

“(I am) someone who has put the years in and my experiences in the US and with our national team have been great. With all the travels I’ve had a great opportunity to be in England, see what goes on at different clubs, be at matches and I’m a huge fan of the Premiership.”

He added: “I’ve had a chance to be around some different clubs and I’ve seen the way things go and it’s the best league in the world, so it would be a goal.

“Aston Villa is a tremendous club, they have such a strong following and so that would be a club that I think anybody would have an interest to be involved with.”