Wigan boss confident ahead of Spurs clash

Martinez insists his side is fully focused on overturning the humiliating 9-1 defeat they suffered against Tottenham at White Hart Lane earlier this season.

He said: “If we could go back to White Hart Lane and replay that game I think then we could put it right but the importance of the points is so huge that you don’t need any extra spice or motivation.

“The result we had at White Hart Lane was a very painful experience at the time but I was extremely proud of the way the players reacted and we are a stronger football club as a result.

“Humiliation in football is when you don’t find the answers and we had a great win at home to Sunderland.

“You look at the best sportsmen in the world and the ones that have had the biggest disappointments and the way they reacted are the ones that make a difference.”

He added: “You will never see a successful sportsman that has not overcome a big disappointment in their career.

“Until you experience that you will never be as good as you can be because it is all about how you adapt and make decisions after that.

“So I don’t see it as a negative note at all.”