Wigan boss Jewell hits out at big wages

Jewell said: “It’s gone past passion. It’s reached the point of hatred and it’s sad but that’s the way football is going.

“When I was a kid you idolised the players that played for your team, but a lot of people now who support their team are jealous of the players.

“I know some players don’t help themselves because they are a little bit flash, but there is a jealousy with everyone’s wages dragged through the press.

“The link between the common man and the player has gone and it’s almost become a ‘them and us’ situation.

“The money now is obscene, but it’s not the players’ fault if they are earning it. At the end of the day it’s down to a club.

“If a player at Chelsea, Liverpool or Wigan wants £100,000 per week we can always say no.

“But it’s market forces which is driven by television and all the money coming into the game.”