Arsenal could bring back Vela

Arsenal are looking at the possibility of re-signing forward Carlos Vela from Real Sociedad, according to reports.

Arsenal can buy back the Mexican for a reduced price, according to Mundo Deportivo who report the interest.

But Vela could turn down the English side, particularly if his team Real Sociedad qualify for the Champions League and Arsenal do not, as looks a very real possibility at present.

“I am happy, here I am getting a lot of love and trust, they let me play as I know how to, they give me my freedom and things are going well and the team is good,” Vela told fdp.

“There are good vibes in the dressing room, we get along with each other very well on and off the field. The truth is that we have fun.

“My future? I’m thinking of finishing the season well, to see if we can reach Europe.”

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