Arsenal legend believes Man Utd can still win the Premier League

Former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira has refused to rule Manchester United out of the title race.

The Gunners have come under fire after suffering a second straight league defeat when they lost against Swansea on Wednesday.

Vieira, who is now New York City head coach, told Omnisport: “I’m watching the league and I think when you look at the table anything can happen.

“I think with Arsenal losing, City losing, Leicester drawing with West Brom, even Spurs losing to West Ham, it’s still a really open Premier League, really exciting.

“I think the fans love that kind of drama and situation and I still believe even United are still in a good seat to win the title.

“I know it is only 10 games left but 10 is quite a lot of points on the table.

“Arsenal still have a chance, City still have a chance, and I’m going to be sitting in front of my TV and just watching the games.”

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