Cahill sends out warning to Liverpool

After their best-ever start to a Premiership season, does Everton midfielder Tim Cahill think Liverpool should be wary ahead of the Merseyside derby this weekend.

Cahill said: “It’s an absolutely massive game. We have started the season tremendously well. I think Liverpool will be a bit wary at meeting us this week, and we’re looking forward to it.

“It’s our biggest game of the season. This is like our Champions League final.

“It’s not just the game at the weekend, it’s the bragging rights afterwards. I know a lot of big Everton supporters who feel every single kick, so I think I’ll be getting a kicking if we don’t win!

“You can’t play for this club if it’s not in your blood. You change because people tell you so many stories about the history and what it means to be an Evertonian.

“Every single player that has been here for a while really relishes playing in these games. They all know this is the biggest game of our season.”

Everton is currently in second place, in the Premiership.