Agent: AC Milan did not want Ronaldinho

The AC Milan transfer consultant said the transfer almost went up in smoke as neither club were willing to reach an agreement.

“At one stage Milan had decided that they no longer wanted Ronaldinho and all the papers had [Silvio] Berlusconi as saying ‘We are no longer interested in ‘Dinho, we will try for Adebayor,’ ” Bronzetti told Sky Sport Italia.

“However, I always knew Milan were still interested in him but then Adriano Galliani told me to call up Ronaldinho’s brother and agent Roberto De Assis to tell him that they were not interested and to tell the player to find another solution.

“I was in a catch 22 situation but I didn’t make the call. De Assis called me because he had read that Milan were no longer interested but I told him it was just a tactic to lower the player’s price.

“However, this wasn’t true. All that starts well ends well.”