Ancelotti: AC Milan are cured

AC Milan have had a poor start to their season, but are now back on track.

Ancelotti said: “I think we’re cured. Even if usually one says at this point that nothing has been achieved yet, the truth is we weren’t going in the right direction and in 10 days we have turned the situation around.”

He continued on Ronaldinho, who scored the winner: “Ronaldinho is not 100 per cent fit yet, but what he does in training is different to what he does on the field. The adrenaline of the match situation makes him pick up the tempo considerably.

“He needs to keep working hard. He is an atypical player and we have to find his right position, but tonight he was decisive.”

He added on meeting Inter coach Jose Mourinho: “I never considered this a challenge with Mourinho, it is far more important than that. We closed up on the top of the table, beat a great team and in theory have ended that negative period with wins over Lazio and Inter. That is what it meant to us.”