Anelka: I could stay at Bolton for the rest of my career

Anelka told FourFourTwo France: “My priority was to play in the Premiership. I had other offers from Lyon and Werder Bremen. I refused them because I had a plan. Of course, I would have preferred to join a Champions League club.

“In France, I could only play for PSG, because I am from Paris, they are my club. I could have played for Lyon but I am a Parisian.

“I love (England). I am a private person that does not like to be disturbed.

“For me, Bolton are like Manchester City; a club that reach the top of the table. I know that I can play one, two, or three good seasons and bounce back with another club. I can also stay at Bolton for the rest of my career and still play well.

“Today, I can see myself finishing my career with Bolton. Why not? I have experienced a lot of things with clubs in different countries. I could settle here. But I know that I have the qualities to play for a bigger club.”

“In life, you don’t always do what you want to.”