Arsenal boss: FIFA just want to protect their own competition

He said: “If the Premier League is just here to make our national team good, then you play only English players, it is as simple as that.

“Then maybe you will have a better national team.

“But to protect, artificially, the players does not improve the level and will make the divide between the richer clubs and the poorer clubs bigger.

“Bolton at the moment can compete with the top teams because they can find good players in Israel, Afghanistan, maybe that’s not a good example, I mean Uzbekistan!

“But if the number of good players available is reduced, the richer clubs will take them.

“I just love football. I don’t look at passports or national teams. For me if national teams don’t exist any more, it is not a problem. For me, national teams are more about national pride.

“FIFA want to protect the number of players. But they just want to protect mediocrity and to protect their own competition.”