Arsenal boss wants England to win the World Cup

But the Frenchman believes Spain are favourites to win it in South Africa.

He wrote in The Sun: “Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see England winning the World Cup.
But I have to say that this year Spain will be the super favourites.

“In terms of pure technical quality, Spain are the best team in South Africa by a long way. I saw them win their last warm-up 6-0 and they were on a different planet.

“For any team to beat Spain, they must do it with only 30 per cent of the possession. That means that every time you get the ball, you must make the absolute maximum of it.

“England, with Argentina and maybe Holland, will be their strongest contenders.

“What I love so much about England is the irresistible force and strength of the belief in the whole country.

“Every World Cup the people are disappointed like mad when they don’t win it but when the next tournament arrives they all believe again that they will win it.

“I love that attitude and that is why I would love England to win the World Cup.”