Arsenal defender Toure apologises for cup brawl

Toure hopes the Football Association will show leniency, as the officials await the arrival of Howard Webb’s referee report into the match on Sunday.

The Ivory Coast international said: “I apologise for this moment, and I regret my actions.

“Chelsea were winning and were starting to waste time, and I was not happy with that, which is why I went to Mikel and had some words with him.

“Then Lampard came in and maybe made the thing bigger than it was, but that is part of football.”

Toure maintained: “I do not think so [will get banned]. When they look at the tape, they will see I have done nothing wrong.

“When you are a player like me, I have had a lot of games, but do not choose to do that type of thing.

“The people who run football know who is bad and they know that I am always trying to do my best for the club, the team and the fans as well.

“It can happen to anybody, though. You can make a mistake in any job, or do something bad.

“That is why you need to apologise, which I have done.

“You do not need to make it bigger.”