Arsenal legend believes Man Utd can still win the Premier League

The Gunners have come under fire after suffering a second straight league defeat when they lost against Swansea on Wednesday.

Vieira, who is now New York City head coach, told Omnisport: “I’m watching the league and I think when you look at the table anything can happen.

“I think with Arsenal losing, City losing, Leicester drawing with West Brom, even Spurs losing to West Ham, it’s still a really open Premier League, really exciting.

“I think the fans love that kind of drama and situation and I still believe even United are still in a good seat to win the title.

“I know it is only 10 games left but 10 is quite a lot of points on the table.

“Arsenal still have a chance, City still have a chance, and I’m going to be sitting in front of my TV and just watching the games.”