Arsenal star confident France will improve

Les Bleus only managed a goalless draw with Uruguay on Friday.

Diaby has been compared with former France captain Patrick Vieira.

“It’s very flattering for me because Vieira is a great player,” Diaby said.

“He’s someone who has achieved a lot in football and it’s an honour to be compared to him.”

“It worked well defensively between the midfielders, but we have to improve on the attacking front,” he said of their game against Uruguay.

“I made a lot of effort to come back, I did a specific muscle strengthening program, and this helped me to play a lot of games this season.

“I persevered a lot, I had a lot of hard times and it wasn’t easy for me. But that helped me to be a lot stronger mentally.

“I had no doubts about choosing (Arsenal). I believed in myself and thought it would go well for me, and I think it pretty much has.”