Arsenal still chasing the title

Liverpool have a eight-point lead over Arsenal ahead of their clash at the Emirates.

“Some people say it is a three-horse race but let them talk all they want. Let us show they are wrong,” Wenger told The Sun.

“Last weekend when we made the draw against Middlesbrough, it was a disaster. But Chelsea drew later and so did Liverpool – and they were at home.

“Manchester United played a draw at Tottenham, so overall that is why our result is not as bad as you would expect it to be.

“We were the first to play, and were away from home as well, and were maybe the ones who deserved more than any others to win their game.”

Arsenal’s title credentials have taken a serious dent so far after losing five times this season including embarrassing defeats to promoted sides Hull and Stoke, though Wenger insists any problems have been put right.

“I feel first of all losing like that must be down to concentration. Secondly it is the style of play with longer balls, more direct,” He said.

“At some stages of a game we were vulnerable. But we have rectified those things now and in the period coming up Arsenal have to show we can deal with all of that.”