Arshavin urges Hiddink not to quit Russia

Arshavin does not want to see Hiddink decide to stay on as Chelsea manager beyond the summer.

He said: “Only Hiddink knows his destiny and his own future — and we can’t influence him. But I am worried if Chelsea start winning things, he may stay on in England longer than he’s supposed to.”

Arshavin added: “It’s very important that he stays on. I and my team-mates want Hiddink to stay coaching the national side.

“If he decides to leave our team, it’ll be a disaster and a massive loss for Russian football. Without Guus, Russia will be a completely different team and I don’t know who they could bring in without affecting the results.

“He’s been a major factor in our success. A lot of the hopes of the Russian national team rest on him. Without Hiddink, it’s unlikely we would have been able to reach such heights.”