Aston Villa skipper Barry: I almost quit England

But Barry does not believe he will play for his country again.

Barry told The Sun: “I admit there have been times when I’ve wondered whether England was worth worrying about any more.

“It’s a strange statistic that I’ve played for every England boss in the last seven years and still haven’t reached double figures for caps. It is very frustrating.

“I was playing some of the best football of my life at the end of last season and thought I was finally getting somewhere with England.

“I got on for the friendly against Spain at Old Trafford and on the bench for the qualifiers against Israel and Andorra.

“Then I felt I had a good game in the B match against Albania. But the following morning the manager rang to say I wasn’t in the squad for Brazil and Estonia.

“I was really sick about that. He said I had done well and that he would like to get me in but it was a small squad and he just couldn’t find a place for me. In the end it turned out it was quite a big squad of about 26 or 27 but I can’t remember what else he said.

“Once he tells you you’re not in, you don’t want to hear any more.

“I couldn’t think of anything else I could have done to get picked. It was one of the most disappointing moments of my career.

“It’s a natural reaction to wonder what the point is if you play well then don’t get picked. You think if there’s another B game why bother turning up.

“But Chris Sutton once refused to play and I’m not sure I could do that. I just know now I’m going to have to have a season way beyond anything I’ve ever done if I’m going to get back in the England picture.”