Ballack: We don´t buy success

The German said: “Chelsea are not the only team buying players. Sometimes they make bigger purchases, and that stands out – but other teams buy big as well.

“Real Madrid, Italian teams, German teams – they all buy players. But if you are not successful then you are just a buyer of players.

“Not Chelsea. You don’t just pick any players; you have to pick the right players to fit together and get a good mood in the team.

“Chelsea is one of those teams that doesn’t have big words about success; they are more laid-back and just let the success speak for itself.

“That’s why we are not going to say big things about the Champions League right now.”

He added: “I want to win a big trophy before I retire, and the Champions League is my aim. It is something I am looking to achieve.

“People say that Chelsea will have a better chance this season, and I think that’s true. But whether I am the last piece in the jigsaw, I can’t say.”