Barcelona star insists Kaka should not have joined Real Madrid

Kaka have failed to make an impact at Real since joining the club from AC Milan.

Alves told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “I think Kaka has the wrong team. I was used to being comfortable with one team, but then I found another; In Milan, he played for the team, but that is not the case in Madrid.

“They have bought many important players, and one seems to take away the space from another. Kaka is not playing in the position he likes, things are complicated, and the pressure increases.”

He added: “At Brazil we play as a collective, something that also happens in Barcelona, but not at Real Madrid. It would have been better if had come here with us (Barcelona).

“Our game is perfect for him. I am not the one who buys the players, but, if so, I would have signed him right away.”