Barcelona striker Eto’o: I would love to play for Liverpool

    Eto’o said: “The great thing about Liverpool is their team spirit. It is very strong.

    “But, for me, it is their fans who win matches for Liverpool because they have so much power. They are fantastic. Any player would love to have those types of fans behind him. I have played at Anfield in the Champions League quarter-final so I know all about their fantastic supporters.

    “It would be wonderful to have that kind of support as a Liverpool player but I really don’t know what will happen in the next two years.

    “Every time I turn around so many things have happened and changed. So I can’t think about it yet.

    “But you never know.

    “If I play in the Premiership I will be the first to say. It won’t be in the newspapers – I will be the one to break the news!”

    He added: “I have not heard anything from Liverpool or anyone else. These things don’t come through to me.

    “I’m only thinking about next season and I will be here next season. But every year that passes things become a bit more difficult.

    “English football has changed a lot for the better over the past few years. I’ve seen English teams playing matches which have been very exciting.

    “It’s been like watching a dream team. Chelsea have been spectacular at times – they have played real football.

    “And when I saw Liverpool play Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final I was impressed by the way Liverpool played a more strategic, attacking game.

    “There was dribbling and great skill in that match. And when we played them I thought, ‘Are we playing against Liverpool or a Spanish team?’

    “I love the way the fans in England get behind their team. I respect their mentality. They are so positive in supporting their own team rather than, as happens in Spain, being against the opposition.

    “That’s the big difference between England and Spain.”