Beckham could become an MLS owner

The 34-year-old has impressed at La Galaxy this season and is still an England regular.

“I love the game so I want to be involved in the game when I’m finished,” he said.

“Owning a franchise is something that’s definitely possible and something that I’m really thinking about and I think that will happen eventually.”

“I’d like to say I’ve got a good two or three, maybe four years left in me,” he declared. “I’ll have to wait and see and take it week by week and month by month and year by year, especially being 34-years old.

“Your bones start to ache a little bit more in the mornings when you’re waking up, especially chasing three boys around the every day.

“But I felt good and I feel really fit. I’m playing a lot of soccer at the moment and I’m enjoying it.

“Once I finish here I go to Milan and play some more football which will be enjoyable. So I think I’ve got a good few years left.”

Beckham joined LA Galaxy from Real Madrid in a move to make football more popular in America.

“I’ve always said since I came over here that I want to be an ambassador of the game and an ambassador of the MLS and be involved in making this sport, which is the number one sport everywhere else in the world apart from the US,” he added.

“I’m not saying that it is going to be the number one sport because there are so many other great sports here in this country but it can definitely grow and it can definitely get bigger.

“I see that it will over the years but it takes time and it’s something that I’m looking forward to being part of.”