Benitez turns down Liverpool deal

Benitez has admitted that they agree on the length of his contract and the salary but he is not happy at being forced to answer to the club’s chief executive in relation to on-field matters and transfer policy.

Benitez told the Liverpool Echo: “The owners feel that the manager’s decisions need to be subject to the chief executive.

“But I know that I am subject to results and to our fans and they are the best judges I will ever have.

“I have a lot of experience in football at different clubs and if you do not have a technical director and you are the manager you have to have control of the football decisions. But always within the confines of a budget which is controlled by the owners and the club.

“In this scenario the manager knows the amount money he has available to him and can decide how much he should spend on each player according to the needs of the team.

“The only person who can decide the value of a player to his squad is the manager because he knows what elements are needed to improve the squad.”

“My relationship with the owners is better than people think,” he added. “I have regular contact with them and especially with Tom Hicks who has always been very supportive.

“The talks between my agent and the advisers of the owners have been very positive and friendly and our differences are about my responsibilities.

“I have to say again that this is not about financial gain. This is not a way to get more money. This is solely about being allowed to manage Liverpool football club to the best of my abilities as I see them.

“I believe that this club has the potential to improve and I just want to be able to help this to happen. I will continue to do my job as manager and concentrate on the thing that our fans want me to focus on – winning trophies for them.

“From the first day I came to the club I have only ever given 100 per cent and I will continue to do this.

“We have a very important game coming up against Everton on Monday night and now I just want to be able to concentrate only on this.”