Bentley: We want to make fans proud

“Throughout this hard start to Tottenham’s season, it’s the fans who have suffered most,” Bentley told ZOO magazine.

“They are the ones who pay good money, they are the ones who have the right to be frustrated and they are the ones we are trying to make proud.

“A lot of people have an opinion on us at the moment, but it’s the fans who really matter.

“Our next league game is at Stoke and playing away might feel a little easier for some of our team right now. At home, you feel the tension on the pitch and there are those who might prefer away games, where there’s less expectation.

“There will always be stick from the fans, but if you’re not performing, what do you expect? Does it affect some of the lads? You’ll have to ask them.

“From one win, we can rebuild our season. It hasn’t happened for some reason but we have faith in our ability – we have to – and believe we’ll get out of trouble. It’s about attitude and when we get out of this dip, we will be stronger for it.”