Berbatov warns Liverpool: We are unbeatable

United are currently at the top of the Premier League, 2 points in front of Liverpool and with a game in hand.

Berbatov said: “When you’re in the tunnel and you hear on the speakers ‘Please welcome the champions of England, the champions of Europe and the champions of the world’ you just believe you are going to crush anybody that is in your way.

“I get goosebumps every time I walk out at Old Trafford. It’s great.”

He added: “We’re all different players here, not just the strikers. There are so many different qualities but mixed together we make a very strong team.

“That’s the success of the manager and Manchester United. He’s built a strong team with lots of different talents, that’s one of our biggest strengths.

“You can have great players and not have a team. Here, we have everything.”