Birmingham keeper accepts he could miss out on FA Cup final

Hart is currently on a year-long loan at Birmingham from Manchester City.

Should Birmingham meet City in the FA Cup final, Hart would be ineligible to face his parent club.

“How would you feel if you missed out on the final?” said Hart.

“All the lads have given banter about it but my personal feeling is ‘I knew the script at the start of the season’.

“That’s football. It was all agreed at the start of the season.

“Which team would I go down to the final with? Birmingham City, of course.

“That’s the team I am with this year so I’d be 100 per cent behind them.”

“People ask me if it is a nightmare scenario for Man City to still be in the cup but that’s not the case at all,” he continued.

“I wish them all the best but I want Birmingham to get there and, whatever happens, will happen.

“It is not like it will be a debatable topic. I knew that was the scenario at the start of the season.

“It would be great for Maik Taylor to come in if we do play Man City. I am sure it would be a great game and I’d be supporting from the side.”