Blackburn’s McCarthy: Hughes has made me a better player

He said: “Everyone has been fantastic. The coaching staff work hard and try to make you a better player.

“When I came here I thought I was an OK player but with every day that goes by, I get better and better.

“I just hope I can continue at this level and continue scoring goals. Maybe I can help Blackburn into the top seven in the Premiership.”

McCarthy added: “It’s good to have a Blackburn player among the top scorers in the league.

“It may look like I’ve fitted in well but all my team-mates deserve the credit because they’ve worked so hard. They are making me look good.

“But it’s been really hard work – after every game I’m knackered. It’s never been like this at any of my other clubs.

“I’m tired after every game. I can hardly walk, my back hurts and I feel like I’m old before my time. After one game, it was like I used to feel at the end of a season in Portugal.

“I would love to see myself playing in the Champions League with Blackburn. It’s ambitious but anything is possible.”